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{51. Journal Archive || 01.29.05}

01.29.05 Obviously, images translate themselves to secondary meanings, secondary levels of verbiage , to different people . A burning lit match results in various meanings to different people. • a smoker trying to quit cigarettes • an environmentalist conservationist hiking through pine needles red pine woods Different situations involving these Different degrees of intentions intensity are expressed for the same image of a match: • a cold night • a homeless vagrant pulling kindling together in a trash can • a garage attendant standing by a spilled can of gas/fuel Recently NPR spoke of a gentleman in England trying to soften the return the swastika back to its previous meaning, back to a peace symbol and not a WWII emblem of hatred or violence, The reaction of those surviving   His argument centers on the original meaning of internal peace spiraling out into the universe —the same symbol used by the Hopi tribe and other First Americans. As it stands, many people wh

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