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{46. Three Days}

{02132018} After an odd interval— suddenly words.It was merely a matter of shifting the persona’s environment closer to an extreme situation outside of my comfort level. Or in other words, having the persona show for me his own discomfort— a beauty in awkward scenes, mundane acts of want. The hidden backroads. I was restricting myself to a set ideal of a previous century, which only put up hurdles and roadblocks. A labyrinth of sorts. I had to meander around it till a clear path was established. A bridge established. •••{04122018}   Take the anger out of the Steve / Bob individual relationships.Those mindsets. Throw it into a moment of angst, but resolved on an equal basis from both parties. •••{04132018}    Oddly enough, prayer works: expression of need.Of spiritual guidance helps— part of being human. (Or the reverse?) 1.Extend lift scene— walking down hallway; isolate C. reactions, leaning against wall before entering room2.Scar across cheek, not on forehead3.“Why did you not let m…

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