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Sunday, February 28, 2010

moment.05 || notes

The latest free-write sessions have shifted closer to a new poem; it should be finished shortly. The title finally works its way to a completed state— after numerous transformations:

Resolution: What Not To Use In Poetry
A Litany of Sundry Images
A Sundry Litany of Overused Images
Litany of Sundry Images
Sundry Litany
Litany of Overused Images

Last night while reworking the free-write closer to a stanza appearance, I looked up the full definitions of both "sundry" and "litany"— although similar by intention, they do serve slightly different functions.

A litany originally served a religious purpose, as a mantra or recitation—however, today it also means a repititive series of items. Whereas a sundry list includes a full catalog of various items, material not to be mentioned individually; it exists as a series in itself. 

What resulted then, a new experimentation with the words:
A Sundry List of Overused Images
(A) Litany of Sundry Images, Overused

—so I now resolve to use the last version, slightly altered:
"Litany of Sundry Images, Overused"

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