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Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Strain of Inspiration

Brendan grabbed his kids-friendly camera on sudden impulse: “Say, ‘Cheeeeeese!’” He drew out the vowel sound as long as he could, snapping two or three pictures of his awkward father.

He kept laughing the entire time.
I am in the middle of rereading William Wordworth’s “Preface” to his book Lyrical Ballads. Glad to say, the majority of which I maintained in my analytical memory cells.

Partly I am seeking a defense for my fractured sonnets— partly seeking a strain of inspiration— every time I read these pages something new is highlighted or underlined. Some of my past marks are illegible, aligned with uncertain notations in the margins. And I am getting lost in all of his ideas. Trying to match up his notations with my notions. (As a confirmation.)

Perhaps it would be best to just write out a major chunk of my information first, and then go back, seeking a few defensible texts later.

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