19. Thematic MS Titles || Haiku Fragments

Subtle arches throughout full volume— a hidden extended metaphor building up within multiple poems, with modern connections, modern situations, paralleled circumstances. Unspoken metaphor.

           God of Thieves


Or Dividing MS into Two Parts, under One Common Title

                      This Village, Dark
           in October

—and so, part one's title and part two's title are displayed as one, yet broken by a manipulating, awkwardly placed caesura.

Alec Monologue
(5)     will you take me back

          clipped / slit / wound / trimmed / snipped / cut sunflower heads

(5)     sunflowers/heads of
(4)     cutgreen glass vase

          evening / dusk / night / twilight

(8)     sunflowers at night in window

(5/6)     wounded sunflower heads


coffee in a paper cup, cooling on the desktop.
           a papercup of coffee
—fall of a pen, within
—three quarters & one dime left after lunch