28. Rant-Prequel

{06.24.2020} / Notebook Ideas / Breaking the Patterns of Silence between Projects

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At one time I devoted hours for writing, archiving mundane events, Freudian dreams, nightly epiphanies. Lately, perhaps intentionally, perhaps due to accidental circumstances, I have let more ideas strew in my head for days/weeks/months/years before committing them to the thought/analogy/metaphor, reworking drafts and sketches over and over and over until a unplanned moment of creation.

Case in point. Because of my intentional stronger fragmentation of lines, erratic enjambment possibilities, rather than deconstructing the physical line of verse, I have been tackling reforming entire stanzas into abstracted lines,                         broken crosshatch stanzas,             broken endpoints and abrupt                                             corners.

As a large-scale Franz Kline painting, huge brushstrokes across canvas creating a glyph-like image or Eastern calligraphic form. Or the street poets in China, painting with water on walkways in rural parks. For me, the end result is not as a concrete-poem form, not something that forms a recognizable shape— rather more as a scrawl or shattered arrangement of language. Somewhat like the later work of e. e. cummings, accidental typography with controlled meaning and themes.