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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Impatience and Hope

In regards of submitting material for publication, I have extreme passive-aggressive tendencies. Oftentimes I fall into a ritual of sending out poems, chapbook manuscripts, full book manuscripts — and then promptly fall out of the habit once the negative results filter into the mailbox. One needs to be careful with the on again/off again relationship with editors and publishers. Writer’s block can establish a strong root system within these slow periods of impatience and hope while a poet sits at a desk, waiting for a returned manuscript.

In short: this year I plan on a new approach. By making a public declaration, perhaps the shift in the formula will stick. Some habits are good for the soul, after all.

123 / curled on your side of the bed, the cat lies in a tightened knot, pretending you will not enter the bedroom, replacing his warmth

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