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Saturday, February 9, 2013

a torn envelope || 1/7

Over the course of the next seven days I will be posting individual tanka which have merged with a longer poem which consists of twenty-six short stanzas. Earlier this week I mentioned the work in detail, "Twenty-six Verses from an Apocryphal Psalm" and posted numbers 12 - 15.

I have already noted that in a major way this work resulted from heavy reactionary emotions. Currently I am work-shopping the piece with two other writers to hone the phrasing closer to my intentions. Likewise, because of its expressionistic abstractions a cautious approach needs to be used before declaring it finalized at this specific point in time.

What these seven verses show is a partial beginning of the finalized form— by themselves they carry a separate message. Ironically, when brought into the fuller piece, the meaning shifts to a different emphasis, an alternative frame.

158 / a torn envelope for instance, with a scrawled name, illegible in dark red ink, as a reminder, as a task forgotten

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