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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Falling into a Dream-State

Another view of writer's block. Lately, the sensation varies in waves of intensity. Fortunately, I have discovered that by using a technique of self-hypnosis for insomnia, the grey static-blur lessens. Falling into a dream-state sometimes produces immediate memories of the day. When this concept fails, simply making creative comments about the process itself, or the lack of results from the process, helps produce words.

152 / an open notebook lies on my chest, blank pages exposed, waiting for my motions through the fields of waist-high pampas grasses—


  1. I think of wading through boggy marshland. But pampas works.
    I'm interested in the self-hypnosis.
    Sometimes I've noticed that I can programme myself to dream answers overnight. I place the notebook beside me before I sleep - and wake to record the images.

  2. Yes, agreed: the blank pages waiting on the nightstand. Sometimes a writer's best work appears after a series of hours/days letting the idea percolate in the brain.

  3. Absolutely.
    Mind you, I've been doing a lot of 'percolating' recently and very little actual out-pouring!
    It'll pass.
    I've just read your 'psalm/carole' post above this. The wee bit you've posted is stunning. I am going back to read again.
    I think that there is no 'problem' at all - that you are simply indulging night-time doubts and over-thinking it - but I am certain you've come to that conclusion already.
    'Book of hours'. Now there's something I have not thought of for such a long time. I remember that they were often given to brides by their soon-to-be husbands. With exhortations to the 'pure one'. Fabulously illustrated prayers. Status symbols - because the prayers would usually be personalised to the owner.
    I'm rambling. You will know all of this.
    I'm interested in your frequent use of Christian religious reference and allusion - particularly an older Christianity. Have you studied this? It's certainly a rich source.

  4. For some reason I have always been influenced by early Christian mysticism— the whole medieval scene in early churches and coastal cities— partly due to the book designs emerging from this period in history.

    Last night I was over-thinking the situation. Despite this, some positive changes resulted.

    I have to be cautious as to how much information I post: many literary journals consider blog-posts as official publication of material, so I never show a full poem unless appropriate time has passed.

    I'll have to send you a note once I have it closer to completion.

    1. Thanks D-G. I really would appreciate that.