37. haikusentence


Since Bloomsday I have been reading James Joyce’s Ulysses. His stylistic constructions are manipulative, infiltrating even my haikusentences in terse fashions. Down to word presentations, fractured phrasing, instinctive interior monologue emphasis. Language communicates through both the immediate interpretation and as well the slow considerations of a single syllable.

(5)          a few weeks early
(5)          august crescentmoon
(5)/(5)   above cypress, no, / above wateroak
(6)(5)     mockingbird suspended (s)

(3)          with crescent

Above mockingbird, balanced between slow branches, suspended crescent.

Above mockingbird, balanced between slow branches, a crescent suspends.

A crescentmoon, between slow / branches, suspended / above mockingbird.

A crescentmoon suspended between slow branches, a lone mocking bird.


868. Crescentmoon suspended between slow branches—just above, mockingbird.



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