38. haikusentence


A strong sense of reality sometimes overwhelms a poem. In today’s particular post, the brief moment of time fits the brief moment of a haiku. There is no room left for a metaphysical element to stand out and proclaim itself. In writing workshops they always warn you to avoid presenting a complete accuracy of a given moment; writers should allow instinctual fiction to control and mold the text. Writers should not feel an obligation for reporting a scene in full honest fashion, like a newsreport or daily diary entry. The work can often become stale, stiff. Yet. Here we are. A quick scene without major improvising or manipulations.

(2)              bluejay / grackle / raven / egret / hatchling

(6)              everyday like clockwork
(3)/(4)      like clockwork/at eleven
(7)              everyday at eleven

(5)              neighborhood bluejay

(2)              complains / catcalls / demands

(6)              fresh seeds at the feeder
(3)              for fresh seeds

Everyday at eleven. The same neighborhood jay demands fresh seeds.

At eleven. Everyday. The same neighborhood jay demands more seeds.

Everyday at eleven the same neighborhood jay catcalls for seeds.


869. Everyday at eleven. Neighborhood bluejays catcall for more seeds.




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