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Summer Re-gathers

Bowl of Ripe Peaches

Spool of Silence

psalms of consolation

Four Tanka

Dead Shell of a Wasp's Nest

Five Sunflowers

A Blank Page

Words Fade

Stitched in Shadows

Startled Flock of Grackles: Informal Renga Cycle

the trembling || 7/7

prayers we utter || 6/7

as a Holy text || 5/7

scraps of paper || 4/7

fractured psalms || 3/7

sometimes children's palms || 2/7

a torn envelope || 1/7

Blinds Flung Open

Grackles Invade


A Square of Moonlight

insomnia— again

Falling into a Dream-State

Blanket of Clover