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Sacred Items 8/8

Sacred Item 7/8

Sacred Item 6/8

Sacred Item 5/8

Sacred Item 4/8

Sacred Item 3/8

Sacred Item 2/8

Sacred Item 1/8

Silence Falling

Beside Me

Oleanders, Luminous

Coven of Winter Sparrows

Closing Another Book

A Lost Conversation

A Moment Hidden

Blue Hour

Broken Branches



The Night is Mine Alone

Casual Brevities


Pumpkins Rotting

A Sign on the Door

A Casual Turn of Phrase

As a Corruption

A Gold Ring

A Cigarette in Twilight

Revising Tanka


The Holy Discord of Thirteen|| Fragments

The Holy Discord of Thirteen|| Fragments

The Holy Discord of Thirteen || Fragments

Hidden from View

The Full Rising Motion


Silence Pools

But Wait

There is a Distance

The Shift Between

Fresh-Rising Discord

An Old Black Cat

A Plague of Briars

The Wolf Within

In Her Nervous Hands

Alone In Bed

Mundane Act

A Swallow Perhaps

Waiting for the Hour

Your Whispering Voice

An Irregular Pulse

His Body Trembling

Blue Cranes and Wild Horses

An Afterthought Emerging

A Wasp Burrowing

A Spring Moth, A Young Girl Dancing, A Burning Cigarette: Reading Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Erotic Tension of Bees

Fabric Patterns

The River

An Unlocked Gate

An Afterthought


Gravity's Stepchild

Literary Works Create Empathy

Apples Translated

A Warm Room

A Roosting Crow

Innumerable Crows

Shifts to Ink

This Rain

A Divorced Couple

A Crow Appears, Laughing

Three Constants

Surrounded by Flocks

Waiting for the Moon

Elijah in the Wilderness

Elijah in the Wastelands

three feathers

Your Haunting

Dark-Lit Satellites

Lunar Eclipse Creeping

Calloused Fingers

His Dark Wings Animated

Crow Tanka

Cut and Paste Poetry

Dream of Crows

Merely Waits

Crossing the Frozen

Soft Tread of Glaciers

Dragon Birthmark

Gathering the Garden Together || Fragments

A New Temple

Tracks of Stray Wolves


Metaphoric Pyre

Bundled Winter


Unfolds the Night

Early Morning Dream

My Father's Pulse

The Ache of the Gulf

Just as Sleep

Taking Root

After the Ocean

Reassembled Observations of a Fence, Disassembled

A Paleful Sundress

Distracted by the Pause

Falling to the Inner Self

A Collective Overcoat

Remains a Constant

Ruined Bell Tower


Through Winter

As Witness

A Ghost Memory

A Knot of Cypress Trees


A Body Reclines

Asleep Upstairs

Spare Acorns

A Fragmentary Note

Paring Back my Nails

Broken Words

Syllables Blur

Becoming the Bed


a story

Language Unreleased


Empty Vase

Five Darkly-Red Plums

For a Second Night

Over the Front Porch

tanka variations

Curled, As If Asleep

A Sleeping Child

Over-ripe Peaches

Turning Off the Side Lamp


Abandoned Mud Nests

In the Back Garden

Three Tanka

Opening Oleander

The Hour Folds Itself Up

A Child Refusing

Sumer is icumen in

Cat Piss

A Lamp Left Burning

A Mocking Bird Calls

Extra Blankets

Three Tanka

Twelve Conversations with a Winter Moon