Twelve Conversations with a Winter Moon

This week in the mailbox, I received a copy of the recent issue of The Meadow, a product of the Tuckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada. Three of my poems appear in the publication— including a very recent work "Twelve Conversations with the Winter Moon." This piece is rather important to me due the process which developed its final form. Portions of the verse appeared within blog entries as fragmented exercises, experimental lines to use within a larger work. Odd the theme in the poem is off-season; I realize of course that a feeling metaphoric-winter can descend on anyone, even in the middle of July, but a strong irony exists in the timing of the publication. The cover image of the journal itself contains a haunting quality— without overly shocking the viewer.

Many of the poems here fit the well together as a collection; in particular Noel Sloboda's short poem "Self-Portrait as a Stoat" stands out with its stark qualities, and the poem "Blood Less Language," by Jane Rosenberg LaForge, carries a heavy emotional tone of resentment, an element I need to study further in her abstracted phrases.

For more information about the magazine, or to submit your own material, visit: The Meadow.


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