Melancholy Hyperbole: (January 31, 2016; online)
“Poems from Another Country”
“Melissa Among Flowering Queen Anne’s Lace: Daucus carota

Metaphor (Issue 5, 2016)

Intellectual Refuge: (Vol. 8-June - Aug. 2015; online)
“On Desire”

Polychrome Ink (Volume II: October 2015)
"Self Portrait as the Golden Calf"

Polychrome Ink (Volume IIS: December 2015)
"Red Fox Motioning Between Cypress Trees: A Fable"

Summerset Review: (Winter 2015)
“Redefining a Stone”
“Five Grackle Fables”

Ginosko Literary Journal: (Late Summer 2014, #15)
“Found Fragments"
“To a Former Lover in Minneapolis”
“Maia at the Mirror”

Minetta Review: (Spring 2014)
“In a Crooked Mirror: 1:38 am Feeding: A Birthday Poem”
“St. Brendan and the Whale”

Melancholy Hyperbole: (2013; online)
“Found Fragment 1”
“Found Fragment 2”
“Found Fragment 3”

The Meadow: (2013)
“The City Remains in You”
“Fragmented Still Life with Cardoon and Parsnips”
“Twelve Conversations with a Winter Moon”

Qarrtsiluni (July—October 2012; online)
“The Falling”

Assaracus: (January 2012; #5)
“I Tell My Son to Burn Down All Bridges”
“An Untitled Poem to Beth”
“Metamorphosis: Ode to an Olympic Diver”
“Metamorphosis: Ode to Kenny Fries”
“Winter Percussion”

The Fertile Source (November 2011; online)
“I Tell My Son to Burn Down All Bridges”
“A Figure of Hermes”
“Learning Spanish”

Steel Toe Review (October 2011; #8, online)
“Myth of Pain”

and/or (September 2011; #4)
“Late Night Epiphany”
“9 Fugues for Jazz Piano”
“Still Life with Faulty Haiku”

but.if.and.that. (September 2011)
“Three Scenes”

The Saint Sebastian Review (Autumn 2011)
“A Last Minute List of Instructions for Brendan on a Theme of Departure”

The Centrifugal Eye: (Summer/Autumn 2011; Vol.6, Issue 2)
“Fragments: East St. Louis 1996”

Q-Review: (March 2011)
“The Language of Desire”

ffrfr: (Issue I, Volume I)
“Things That Do Not Disappear”
“Utica Blues”
“A Myth of Creation”

Saltwater Quarterly: (Issue 1, Winter 2011)
“Variations on a Theme of Desire”

Ganymede-Unfinished: (August 2010)
“Herakles Burning the Pyre”
“To an Unnamed City”

Houston Literary Review (July 2010; online):

— (June 2010):
“The Waking”

— (January 2010):
“The River”
“My Father, Unaware”

Lady Jane Miscellany (Vol. 1, Issue 2)
“The Harpies of Vieux Carre”

Slant (XXIV, Summer)
“A Small Burning”

The Write Room (May 2010; online):
“Becoming the Wolf”

Charlotte Poetry Review (1998):

Limestone (1998):
“Jeanne Alone in the Green”

descant (vol. 37.1, Spring):
“a figure of achilles”
“The Waiting”

Modern Words (#5):
“last summer”
“The year he bleached his hair white...”

Pacific Review (Spring 1996):
“The Cathedral”

Outerbridge (#26):
“Elegy for Gary”

Riverwind (#20):
“To Admire Blue Horses”

Another Chicago Magazine (#27):
“The Myth of Fear”

Bottomfish (vol. 15, Winter):
“A Drowning Girl”

Changing Men (#27, Winter):

Kestrel (#4, Fall):
“Herakles Crossing the River”
“Herakles Wrestling with Death”

Chattahoochee Review (XIV, #1):
“The Myth of Memory”

The James White Review (vol. 10, #3):
“You, In Darkness”

Slant (VII, Summer):
“The Myths of Anam”

Spoon River Poetry Review (XVIII, #2):
“A Different Landscape”

Verve (vol. 5, #4, Winter):
“A Field of Fireflies”

Poetry Miscellany (#22):
“The Red Shoes”

The Evergreen Chronicles (VI, #2):
“The Myth of Falling”

Five Fingers Review (#10): reprinted
“The Moon Dreams of Cecilia Dreaming...”

Taos Review (#5):
“The Language of the Deaf”

Mid-American Review (XI, #2):
“The Moon Dreams of Cecilia Dreaming...”

Blue Buildings (#12):
“The Whales of Mare Serenitatis”

Louisville Review (#29, Fall):
“Another Gathering”

1985 - 1989
Anomaly (#14, 1985):
“Canticles from a Tapestry”

Rag Mag (VI, #2, Fall):
“On the Last Hour”
“In Darkness You Slept”

Yellow Silk (#30, Summer):
“We (Ourselves) Make the Spirits Breathe”

— (#28, Winter):
“Robyn As Celestina”

— (#27, Autumn):
“Your Son’s Io Eyes Shine”

— (#25, Winter):
“In Spirit They Said”
“A Fist of New Moon”

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