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A River of Fractured Thoughts

A Delicate, Soft Tansformation

Bloody Waltz

A Perpetual Metamorphosis

A Full Sense of Self Lingers

Folding Shirts by Iambics

A Continuous Burning

I must Remember to Breathe

Necessity Irritates

Becoming the Past in a Present Moment

Contrasts of Reality

An Instant Thought is not Necessarily an Instant Poem

Prompt / Poem / Pomegranate

Empty Hands / Full Hands

His Anger Pitted Against the World

Motion Your Wings

From the Laptop's Blue Screen

Soft Pornography of Wikipedia

Wasps, Hornets, Bees, and Needles

Dancing Mania and Cicada Shells

The Text Keeps Unfolding Itself

As an Afterthought

lunging once more— the same mile

At night my vision blurs

50 to 25 / 2014 to 1989 [in progress]

The hum of blood is thick in my ears tonight.

Brendan Woke Early

My self-imposed exile is over.

Witness of the Fading Past

The Blueing Hours

Trying to pull out a positive note tonight—

Feeling Drunk and Wandering

Unused Words

Breathing the Night Softly

Ten Variations of a Winter Image of Pan

A Defined Path Always Seems to be my Priority

A Litany of Failed Friendships and Lovers

Wandering Empty Buildings

The Re-Making of a Hummingbird

The Making of a Villanelle


Always Waiting

My Palms Smell of Mint

the litany of verbs spread out across my calendar

Six Fragments

Rejected Lines of Poetry / Rejected Phrases


broken shards of your name

Old Scratch and Weather Patterns

A Manner of Moments

thus the poem

brief entry || from July 28

Laughing— Always Laughing

Mild Annoyance

Leave the page Blank

Making and Unmaking

Elaborate Acrobatics

Jefferson's Complexity

Waiting for the Waiting to Cease

Hunter as Archetype of Fate

Power, Finance, Fertility

A Persona is a Mask

The Guilt of Milkweed

Fragile Closures

A Fractured Triskelion

The beginnings of a rite of passage.