Prompt / Poem / Pomegranate

[A Collective Meta-Modern Poem]
from Students in a Writing Course at Lone Star–CyFair College, English Composition & Rhetoric 1302-5009

preface: Afterwards. Bittersweet. Within the leathery husk moments pearl. Cluster. A gathering of grackles, or maybe—
1. Poems are experiences that are filled with emotion. They can be confusing, up-lifting, or relatable.

A poem can unlock even the toughest safe.

2. Eyes wide
a gasp
warmness all over due to it
a million singing cherubs and heavenly
the clouds parting
moving a mountain
tears of everlasting joy
jumping like gazelles

There! There it is!

3. Poems were created by bored writers.
Not knowing what to do in life.
Purposely trying to cause headaches.
Trying to be artist of writing.
Confusing readers using wordplay, igniting
angry emotions.

4. A pomegranate is a very versatile fruit in the culinary world because you can eat the seeds of juice it. With its juice you can turn the sauce into a gel. The pomegranate’s flavor is versatile because its sweetness, tartness, and bitterness compliments other natural flavors and pairs very well with foods such as corn, Brussel sprouts, and fois gras.

5. As when an apple fell on Newton’s head. A quick thought ran through his mind. Why does everything fall downward and why not upward. Epiphany.

6. An explosion causes Anarchy and Tranquility.
Chaos births expression.
From that expression comes powerful freedom.
Freedom craves no structure only balance.
Balance is good and bad.
Every action receives an equal reaction.
As do the talking of poets.

7. Pomegranates are sour like an old man after being forced to take his medicine.

8. Baì văn (or) Baì tho’

9. Falling from the sky to the world’s earth. Reading to eat as it has brighten like a dying sun. Taste not of this world though it was born here. A sensation of mixture of flavor from both worlds of sweet and sour. Reflecting the object in space in form.

10. Poetry is the expression in which you take the flight of imagination. It makes you sad or happy because you connect with past and be hopeful to think about future. A poem brings out the soft untouched portion of yourself. It has the ability to link up so tightly with the harsh reality of life, as well as to disconnect and disorient yourself from yourself.

11. Red outside, juicy inside. Seeds all around, squirting as they come out. Big-like butt, hard to get the stains out. Glorious fruit, colony of deliciousness, that is time-consuming. Creatures trapped inside want to be released and swallowed as whole by giant whore.

12. The one who tends to be last all the time in life will find guidance in the life changing moments they experience. The realizations that open a new view or feeling will lead to a different life. God delivers epiphanies when He sees one is needed.

13. Going up a building to floor one, continue to two, three, and keep going to the top.
Enjoying the moment,
Reaching the top of the mountain.
Enjoying a superior success.
Living the best moment of my life.

14. A pomegranate is a vessel that holds new life as with earth. We, as people, cannot naturally move beyond Earth as with the seeds. The pomegranate that is healthy and ripe keeps the seeds or the people prosperous. Nature recreating itself in various forms of the Earth itself.


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