Ten Variations of a Winter Image of Pan

Stonehead of Pan– ©David-Glen Smith

As a random experiment, I took a short phrase into alternating levels of meaning, the same effect as exploring multiple, parallel realities moving towards the same resolution. The one controlling aspect of all ten presentations: the single lines of text must contain only seventeen syllables, with rare shifts of imagery.

One interesting factor developed with the placement of winter either as subject or adjective. Or the alternating placement of emphasis on Pan, in this case shown either as a human-made garden decoration or as Pagan deity.

A stonehead of Pan rising from stilled green— almost frozen in winter—
A stonehead of Pan, rising from green, stilled waters— he grins sheepishly.
Laughing in old pond water, a stonehead of Pan rises from the green.
From out of greening water, a stone head of Pan, laughing long and loud.
Almost frozen in winter, a stonehead of Pan rises from the marsh.
Breaking the silence, Pan’s laugh lifts from still water— bathing in winter.
A winter head of Pan, stone-faced, rises slowly out of green waters.
Pan’s laughter lifts from still water— his winter stonehead rising slowly.
Rising from stilled green waters, a stonehead of Pan laughs — winter falters.
Winter falters as a stonehead of Pan lifts from lowering water—


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