From the Laptop's Blue Screen

As it is with such matters, after a peak of frustration: tonight a break-through. By eliminating one small three-letter-word (his, )the flow of information within the ghazal project readjusted, shifted an emphasis to the resulting new line, and then motioned the poem’s rhythm forward, down the page. The river was no longer choked.

By removing the possessive pronoun, a stress of subject became placed in a generic, universal ideal, not locking the secondary theme to an objective subject… it is still unclear why this process hindered the writing— yet, there it lies. An overly rational reasoning for an instinctual change.

Perhaps in the next day or two the full work can be finalized.
Ghazal on Fragments (Shards?) of an Aegean Vase
Meditations on Fragments of an Aegean Vase
Ghazal on Found Fragments
Ghazal on an Aegean Vase

As if numbers matter, six egrets wing (5)
over the house while Brendan sleeps, his wings (5)

of summer translucent in his dreaming, (5)
his softened countenance on sheets of wings. (5)

He mirrors more my brother’s face than mine, (5)
my brother who still haunts my words, spreads his
          out wings(,)— (5.5)

as in photos of /as
(as) images of a summer god found on broken clay (6)
          shards of clay
gesturing with open arms, (wings, flung back) flinging
          back his wings (6)

in a divine wind— yet, the god’s face is obscured, (6)
by time, full features blurred, (as in a photograph) erased
          by time’s casual wings. (6)

The winged god (he) leans forward from the computer screen as if to say
my name, as if to say my name

He leans forward, as if to speak my name (5)
from the laptop’s blue screen: motion your
          (own) wings,

he says: motion, forward. (3)


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