Remains a Constant

287/ All he has ever known is winter— it persists eternal, complete: a rime of snow remains a constant, infinite fact—


  1. I need to read the older posts I've missed Glen - I get the feeling this is part of something much larger and I'm missing something grand and profound.
    I found this difficult to read.
    Bleak as winter. Painful and sorrowful. But still beautiful.

  2. There is a small connecting chain between the last five verses. I have been playing them out with the intention of going back and explaining the process in a longer post in a few days.

    In short, the old man is a fictional character, an actor in a social commentary-fable I keep playing out in my head-- which as of yet has not been put out to paper. Struggling which manner I want to use him.

    1. I'm not as daft as I think I am, then. ;-)
      I really am looking forward to your development of this.

    2. It is a little awkward to be closely linked to a persona— in this fashion I mean; he has an extreme story to be told, but has only revealed a splinter of details to me. Which results in some hesitation on my part. We'll see what develops.

    3. And that has only sharpened my appetite to hear more.


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