A Ghost Memory

282/ by the window, a ghost memory lingers in the abandoned house, watching the advancing pines slowly take over the yard


  1. Perfect; delicate - I know a house like that - but my past is also sometimes that house.

  2. Yes, same for me-- which is why I like dilapidated buildings and historic sites-- aspects of the self left raw.

    1. There are seldom stories in the 'new'. I pass a new housing estate and am left cold - touched, but not by anything that warms. I've wondered at the way in which my kids are drawn (I am drawn) to old places, ruins, graveyards (the best of which must be Crail in Fife!). But there are just so many stories in places like that. They provoke meditation, thought, creativity. I like your phrase 'aspects of the self left raw'. You are so exactly right.


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