moment.05 || free write session

Resolution < working title
(Resolution: Not to use in Poetry) (What not to use in poetry...)

The personal cliches, the repitition of images used as a habitual deck of cards, dog-earred corners of a Tarot deck:

moon, stars, egret,

desire personified, curled in my lap,
stretching his four legs as he slumbers

the words: (they have served their purposes well)
unbound, blossom, language, window

but it is time to shift forward—
litany of vocabulary words:
pomegranate, coast, tattoo, jazz, breathe

Let someone else find the pleasure of the double O in moon, the click of the tch in witch, the layers of vowels littered as seeds in a pomegranate
                            >vowels embedded in a pomegranate

I have horded these images enough
I let them fly free / I set them loose


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