In Memoriam

Late in 2009, two poems of mine were accepted for publication in what was to be the summer issue of Ganymede—a journal edited and distributed by John Stahle. Sadly, without warning, he passed away mid-spring of this year. Through the efforts of Bryan Borland at Sibling Rivalry Press, a collection of Stahle’s last projects were recently brought together to commemorate his overall achievements and dedication to the creative process. The book, titled Ganymede Unfinished, memorializes Stahle’s endeavors in the publishing industry by gathering a diverse group of voices: essays, stories, poems. Within the text, my two poems appear: “To An Unnamed City” and “Herakles Burning the Pyre.”

I wish there was more I could say about John Stahle—but honestly I never knew him outside of the three short, formal letters we exchanged in December. He seems to have bridged the lives of many people —every so often I find a new reference to him by another poet or writer, people who were also influenced or inspired by his direction and perseverance. In hindsight, a lesson is to be learned here: produce more, share often, connect frequently.


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