177/365 - 181/365

Thursday night slips close
under the bedsheets, wanting
to escape cold air.

Managed to work a few moments on my “Learning Spanish” project. Brought it down to a working draft, broken into three sections, intervals of time: past, present, future— ideally the segments should contain the same amount of lines—but I do not know how severely I will uphold such a rigid rule.

And too, I am stuck for ideas of future possibilities. Brendan is the main focus of the future, yes—but what else could act as a secondary backup image? For that matter how can I tie Brendan with a mention of learning Spanish?

Struggling to find words
or new phrases to describe
the mundane moment.

Odd these last few days,
random acts of pale haiku
scatter and evade.

In an empty room
the television stays on,
casting out blue lights.

No moon out tonight.
Only the lights of passing
planes dragging darkness.


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