234/365 - 235/365

Because of the stalling out of my latest project, I should begin another project — or look at my full list of ideas. Tomorrow maybe I can organize my notes into a tighter fashion, leave behind stronger concepts of a path.

One new idea in particular that needs formulating: basic title "before/after" — a poem divided into equal parts based on journal notes relating to Brendan, the possibilities of his existence juxtaposed with the actuality of his existence.

Fifteen young willows
lean out into their winter
with lingering green.

Passing winter fields
the image burns in my head:
endless horizon.


  1. Happy new year david!
    I pick up wiiow one.

    Its fitting this winter i think.

    make a good year for each other I hope!

  2. Good year to you as well!

    Was meaning to mention I purchased a book of Taneda Santoka's free verse haiku. It includes excerpts from his diary. Thanks for the suggestion a few weeks ago. He proves very inspirational.


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