A Poem by Ravi Shankar

Another discovery today. This one from the Chronicle of Higher Education. They offer a lengthy commentary afterwards.

Breast Feeding at the Blue Mosque || Ravi Shankar

Hidden from a queue to bag shoes a woman nurses a child
under a wool scarf in the shadow two fluted minarets cast
pitched towards incessant sun, a necessity somehow an insult
to sharia law, no matter what sustenance a lemonwedge
of breast, God’s own, yields, puckering a tiny mouth
until bright eyes glaze to doll loll. Fairly alien to ponder
raw biology of milk conveyed by ducts lined with capillaries,
made from pouring stuff of stars: nourishment that manifests
minerals for bone from pulsing light.

Read more: http://chronicle.com/blogs/arts/mondays-poem-breast-feeding-at-the-blue-mosque-by-ravi-shankar/29274


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