A Short Observation || Small Poem

Manuscript rejections keep filtering into the house— this month I picked up the submission inquiries to reclaim years lost when I isolated myself from any writing community. It's interesting how the interval between request mailings and publishers' responses has lessened over the last fifteen years, dramatically. In this digital age I should not be surprised at a hasty rejection note, but I still retain the expectation of waiting months before an official answer. Yet, even with the quick replies, I have found I must package up the manuscript as soon as possible to mail it out again. A step before the negativity compounds, resulting in a deepened inaction. Self induced paralysis is deadly; it locks up the creative drives, leaving one in a static rut.

On a more positive note: a short poem appeared in a benefit journal this week, Notebook Somalia. Using a Twitter feed, the editors hope to raise awareness of the ongoing African famine this season— offer some relief to the chaos.


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