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Recently had the pleasure of seeing some of my newer work published on-line. I remember once being hesitant regarding electronic publishing. Often a greater (psychological? spiritual?) distance is put in place between the casual reader and the computer screen. However, the efforts put into producing Decomposing Summer proved me wrong. These pages do not lie still: they show strong design and awareness of the craft.

A strong feeling of pride exists to be included in this inaugural publication.

from but.if.and.that , editor Aaron Geiger comments:

[T]his publication is an exercise in dipping the toes in a stranger’s pond. What the collective “we” hope to accomplish is: 1) Bring literature to the public in a free and visually engaging format; 2) Bring joy to the English language; 3) Showcase authors and poets, artists and photographers, and assist them with their endeavors; and 4) Learn along our journey new ways of engaging with the “audience” of our peers, friends, readers, and the great unknown.

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  1. Thanks so much for your contribution. As a publisher and editor, I've had some difficulty wrangling with the concepts of digital publishing. It is still an open frontier, and I hope we can continue to carry on the conversations and arguments of its merits and pitfalls.

  2. Yes, the definition of a book may be changing, but creative writing will still be carried forward.


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