85/365 - 88/365

The moment hovers—
a peristent present tense—
unfolding itself,
slowly uncovering both
of us lying prone on the bed.

All I remember
from today: wood doves clustered
along the back fence.
The sweet weight of the baby
falling into a deep sleep.

We bundle the baby,
and his frustrations, outside—
spoon into his mouth
a stronger identity
and a greater sense of self.

The baby frowns and
considers the buttons on
my shirt as I hold
him close— his fingers tug tight
on the threads that bind us close.

As of tonight, I like the repetition in the last verse. The wording emphasizes the lack of distance which lies between Brendan and myself, at this stage of his life. Lately he stares thoughtfully, intently at the most mundane objects: a ring of keys, the open electrical sockets, the autumn decorations we hung on the front door. When he gets into these serious modes, you can see the thought processes forming, the formulas building up the cause and effect aspects of the household. And then, on occasion, satisfied, he will look up at me and grin wide, and proceed to waddle off to a new corner for further examination of all his toys.


  1. Thanks very much. It is amazing how much inspiration comes from the baby. I have lost count of the poems I have written for him.

  2. Yes. I found my own children became my muse(s). The whole world is contained in your children. Past present and future. Makes it even more difficult to be a parent - not to give them too great a sense of their significance - in case that significance becomes a burden!
    Your work is better than good. Touches profound.

  3. I laughed at your comment: yes, they do become the center of the universe. Honestly, I knew this would happen... I just did not suspect how much of an epiphany-moment the experience entailed.

    Currently I am drafting the beginning stages of a poem for Brendan, connecting him to his name-sake Saint. Interesting concept that. Still debating on the approach however. I'll blog about it in a few days, time permitting.

    Oh. And I subscribed to your blog as well. Like the material I have read so far.

  4. Sounds a good concept - the Saintly one. Tho those saints have always had a bit of a raw deal - at least in this world...

    And your subscription is appreciated. I am no profound writer. My writing got arrested at the undergrad level a long time ago. And has suffered from my legal career - and its demand for deeply unlovely pedantry. Ah well!

    You keep up the good work.


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