The Seasons of Rain

Rediscovered the poetry of Audre Lorde, particularly her collection The Black Unicorn . The poems read with a logic of a poetic quilt— phrases sewn together through metaphoric connections; private associations, researched myths and folklore. I’ll need to dig out more research on her approach— her intentions with mosaic-like imagery.
I will braid my hair
in the seasons of rain.
Chanting cadences. Expressionistic.
After class a student asks me, in all sincerity, when will the course become less “boring.”

I do not remember how I responded.
57/ in blue cigarette smoke from the mouth of a twenty-something trick, his thick fingers fumbling at his mouth. The chapped lips. His unkempt hair tumbles over his eyes as he runs fingers suggestively: a fan, a friction, proposed exchange.


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