Drink Only Water

Sent off another manuscript to another poetry press. Feeling more hopeful this round— but don’t I say that every time? To date, at least seven publishers still have material from me— but I should not formulate statistics. Numbers only produce emotions. Moods can ruin one’s objectives.
Tomorrow afternoon they will draw blood, again. Analyze cell counts. Determine levels of cholesterol and sugar running through my system. I was told to fast—drink only water. Honestly not feeling exactly cooperative to their instructions—you would think there are easier ways to determine health issues—
I may take a sleeping pill tonight, just enough to ensure a solid state of slumber, without interruption. Last night the ebb and flow of deep-rest was rare: continually I startled into awareness throughout the hours, not nightmares, just odd dreams, awkward scenes or moments of seeking an important item, a small possession lost—
108/ Tonight Pan is ignoring the clocks, ignoring the slow tick of his grandmother’s small wall clock which chimes every half hour—if wound correctly on Thursdays after work, after […]


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