Rapids of Technology

After a number of years of avoiding Facebook—I broke down this week and created a profile. Partly, I admit my reluctance stems from a vague fear of the unknown. Fear of understanding the hype behind the popularity.

So here I am, diving into    the rapids of technology to promote     my writing, my book,      as a means of acknowledging myself to my self.
Fear of trends and the lemming-effect. Usually in a crowd I tend to follow the minority status, no matter the circumstance, always looking at situations from the “other side.”

With social networks one becomes burdened with upkeep of pages and commentaries and friends and posts and photos—which offers an obvious explanation how people get lost in the digital connections, within the invisible trail of crumbs left behind every mortal who trolls the web.

For the most part, humans seems insistent to prove they exist. As a species, they mark cave walls, place graffiti on warehouse walls, carve initials into trees, send debris into the clockworks of the solar system. (Need I mention the two California women who recently took selfie images in the Roman Coliseum after engraving their initials in the ancient walls?)

So here I am, diving into the rapids of technology to promote my writing, my book, as a means of acknowledging myself to my self.
Here I am generating a giant textual selfie as proof that I actually motioned among the other humans on the planet.


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