Prompt / Poem / Pomegranate

[A Collective Meta-Modern Poem]
from Students in a Writing Course at Lone Star–CyFair College,
English Composition & Rhetoric 1302-5016

preface: Between the shadows of pomegranates—a poem.
(D. G. Smith)

A pomegranate is a sealed, stiff, red bag utterly stuffed full of lopsided oval marbles of a slightly darker and more purple hue than the bag itself. The marbles are all glued together by their thinner end.
(Bryson G.)

The pomegranate looks spherical. When the fruit is cut in half it seems to have little fish eggs tight together. It looks watery and juicy. Pop a seed with a needle and it will pop if it was a water balloon.
(Yessina D.)

Pomegranate is a fruit that has the shape of an onion. Inside the fruit, it contains group of ruddy pearl. The stone surface helps pomegranate to protect itself from invaders.
(Steven T.)

As brown as the rainy clouds. As smooth as the water that flows in the river. As light as a grain of sand.
(Jocelyne G.)

The pomegranate’s outer feel is a hard snail that can be easily be broken into. It contains thousands of miniature minions packed together, unable to breathe.
(Marilu V.)

The fruit with a hard outer shell,
peeling its skin,
multiples its fertility,
ready to feed,
the juicy taste on my tongue,
makes me scrunch
the sweet and sour crunch.
Fulfilling my hunger with a joyable mumble.

(Rachel C.)

Round fruit, a new red ball.
Shiney and round, fits perfectly in your palm, too precious to use. Have to keep it new. Inside, there are dozens of atoms taking up the space on the inside. The volume full to its capacity with these tiny atoms.

(Briane J.)

A pomegranate once broken in half is an edible bundle of joy. The half circular form takes shape of a red medallion. The seeds protrudes the inner support of the shell to resemble a group of eyes from houseflies. The red rubies, that encases the sweet nectar juices. From the products of the seeds are fabricated by its surroundings.
(Dionte E.)

Pomegranate is a symbol for life in whole. The outer shell can be pictured by being a protective barrier, some form of a home. Earth can be the outer shell for the entire human race, or a mother’s belly for an unborn child. The seeds are representative for humans or the unborn child. Once the shell is broken, the one who has split the shell and will be stained with a redness usually associated with death. Therefore, pomegranate the whole is life while a split one can be death.
(Jorge O.)

Pomegranate is blood red
with shiny skin of a new car’s paint
Tip green leaves are violet green grass.
Perfectly circular is the shape of the sun.

(Chris P.)

A large sphere with a dirty surface. Having an opening on the top for a connection to the stem it came from much like an umbilical cord. Cutting the sphere in half realizing the seeds resemble fish roe but red. Staining your hands with the color of blood. When in your mouth depending on the ripeness. It could taste much like an unflavored soft cornnut. A tapioca ball with a hard single seed.
(Monique C.)

Softly placed in a box, easy to access, a red thin tall cylinder is kept safe. It is used to stop small, dancing flames inside the building. The red, tall thin cylinder has inside carbon dioxide that once it is shout out it is white foam. The Red Cylinder has sticky paper that has many letters in different sizes and colors as they communicate instructions to the one reading it of how to stay safe.
(Laura P.)

baby bottom smooth
bloody red
earthly round
lime peel bitter
cotton candy sweet
filled with life, pregnant with seeds (life)

(Ana B.)

A pomegranate is a symbol for mythology because Persephone would eat a certain number of pomegranate seeds and the season would change. In other terms, a pomegranate could symbolize change and revitalization.
(Dua A.)

It’s one big fruit, but inside it has so much seeds that holds the inside together, if there was only one important seed, the pomegranate wouldn’t even be a pomegranate. It’s important for more seeds to be there to keep it stable until eating it.
(Brittney I.)

A pomegranate cut in two. Filled with small juicy red seeds, resembling a heart and its different chambers. Pomegranate juice so red. Staining your skin, like blood flowing out of the body.
(Lauren G.)

Bulbous shaped fruit with seeds as plentiful as rabbit offspring in spring. The seeds more round than Violet in the 2005 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. More red than an embarrassed bald Jakari monkey.
(Charmaine P.)

Shaped like a circle, similar to a heart because it has four chambers full of bead-like seeds which is the fruit itself, bunched together forming a honey comb shape, the inside a cork type texture, the seeds reminding you of corn kernels or jelly beans. The stem lips out to a star-like shape and when cracked open can look like chunks of flesh and muscle.
(Erin T.)

The wonderful fruit of earth entitled with the name “pomegranate” can be seen from miles away because of its bright red outer shell.
(Ryan H.)


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