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[A Collective Meta-Modern Poem]
from Students at Wharton County Junior College,
English Composition 1302-22187
She holds her breath when
    crossing over fractured lines
in the sidewalk—
          (D. G. Smith)

Creative ideas launched roots in the earth,
endlessly growing.
Words entered the mind, emotion would forever be flowing.
Thoughts resembled petals,
breath taking and unique.
The sun too, sparked new creation each and every day.
Seeds scattered,
therefore lyrics spread.
Creativity was recorded for all to witness,
there would be no decay.

          (Arianna Presas)

As a whole, it is an item of fashion to be proudly seen,
Yet as an individual work of threading, it is useless;
Merely an idea that finds itself quickly disposed of
Without other similarly constructed pieces
To tie together- a modern statement
That once in the vogue,
May be thrown out as an embarrassing rogue
Or hailed as a timeless work
To be mechanically replicated many times over.

          (Miranda Smith)

I came from my father’s fertile soil. I began to grow; one stem and a leaf. I breathe in what is spoken and shower in discoveries. I stay in light or wither away. Eventually, I will plant seeds, being a fertile land for them like my father was for me.
          (Allison Moreno)

High above all, with a unique perspective of the vast world
Gains knowledge from book worms and distant travels
When understood leaves the mind flying high

          (Morgan Weaver)

A trash can. In the sense that we can throw in our feelings, memories and other meaningful things. In life, these things will always pile up at the landfill and make us who we are as unique individuals.
          (Alina Mohammed)

You are the switch to your light. You are the zipper to your leather jacket. You control all your fantasies. It can have like or as, but remember not all men wear pink. It may take a century to write it. However, I do not see Jay-Z complaining. Do not hang me for that one. It is all to answer a simple question.
          (Rolando Ramirez)

Filled with colorful flowers and scented meanings.
In an open field, where birds are set free.
Flying through the air with surprising and clever intentions.

          (Ashley Nguyen)

Strong yet fragile. The dragonfly, through echoes travels through a short life.
          (Chris Garza)


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