21. tanka sentence

With the ongoing quarantine I keep purchasing books, more so than in previous months, a menagerie of sulking texts for my ever constant insomnia. That persistent large hound, nervous beast taking over the bed. All pant and whine. Consequently, aside from reading, I have worked in slow bouts of writing, an odd series of lines here, a tangle of verse there . Slow plodding of words.
Recently, G.P. sent me a text—after twenty-five years of silence, she sends a sudden note. It sits unread. Unanswered. Its presence is enough to intimidate. For instance, bad news. I can only prophesize sorrowful language. Why would she wait so long just to drop a quick “hello”? Often, I glance at the mere proof of its existence. Sooner or later it must be opened. Acknowledged.
Tonight, Bren plays video games on his phone lying next to me in the bed. The cat, displaced, curls in the corner of the mattress, staring at the boy as if she could magic him away. She should gain an opportunity in a few minutes. Remote school lessons begin early tomorrow. The boy should go to his bunk soon and gain a deep sleep before morning.
Tanka — 31 syllables total

conversion of cannas / red
(yet this) congregation of / red cannas
(5) quarantine days of
(5) leave the village streets
(5) leave these village streets
4 (5) / (3) without a voice (firm) / (persistent)
(2) overt
(14) And yet, this sudden milling congregation of cannas!

295. Days of quarantine leave these village streets without a persistent voice— and yet, this sudden milling congregation of cannas!

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