26. Stone / Unstone || Word / Unword

Of course, a connection is being built here: my son, the ancient world, human associations and contemporary times. A Moebius strip of continuous connections. Red lines of text drawn out from my pen into electronic data strips and memory, rough cords and algorithms of awareness held in the individual’s hand. Transference. Construction / deconstruction / reconstruction of concepts. Brendan talking about his collected knowledge of pterodactyls and lizards, raptors and geckos, as he walks inside the house from wandering the back gardens hunting amphibians in brackish water. He prattles off information too quick for human speech, so consequently, he skips phrases, conjunctions. Slips over pronouns and vital nouns.
This will be a summer of major protests. Stones and bottles being tossed. Fires. Looting. Tempers ignited from a strike of a match. Rockets and rubber bullets hurled between both sides. Pallets of bricks no longer viewed as merely pallets of bricks. A stone is no longer a stone. We've shelled the outer meaning and function of objects to accelerate conflict. Reshaped form and meaning. Just as a pariah is an un-person. Just as a word is no longer merely a word. 



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