Prompt / Poem / Technology — part 2

[A Collective Meta-Modern Poem]
from Students in a Writing Course at Lone Star–CyFair College,
English Composition & Rhetoric 1302-5019

Visit the for details on the artist:
Elaine de Kooning.

—twisted phrase on the tongue.
           (D. G. Smith)

Quickly they grow, with the passing of time,
the old ones are discarded to make room for the new.
Leaves, dependent of the tree they belong to,
as much as the tree itself is of the leaves.
Shed, left to wither and die once they have outlived their purpose.

           (Francisco Baca)

I remember seeing that harsh smile,
Engraving into her cold marble face.
The smile of a troubled soul.
Yet still managed to make my world shine brighter than the sun just through a screen.
I hear a strange noise, it's strained,
Beating faster than the wings of a baby birds first flight.
Reminding me she's no more.
The sky was dark and angry outside,
But I guess that's the cycle of life.
           (Tasnim Rahman)

As the electric fingers develop over time, the inexperienced post is restricted from progressing on its own. The old post is being supported by the electric fingers and without them, it will collapse. The electric fingers think for the post and doesn't allow it to mature for itself.
           (Malayasia Pearson)

Technology, an incessant poison.
A dictator, eroding humanity.
Discrediting our imagination,
Demeaning our value,
Until there is nothing left.

           (Jessica Kinsey)

Eureka! The light switch goes off and on.
A new idea springs forth in our minds.
It's flicker keep the darkness away,
For we are not dull.

           (Tamara Foster)

Dark room with a tiny box, light doesn't escape. Playgrounds are empty, faces zoned out at a box. Fingers taping away with an emotionless face.
           (Anastasia Cowen)

The addiction that creeps into the mind and assents the body is something like no other. The deliciousness that overwhelms the endorphin is more scary than the word addictive itself.
           (Kathryn Rogers)

A benign cancer that develops too quickly, clouding our means of reality and truth. Leaving little time to grasp.
           (Brittany Villanueva)

Like waking up a sleeping giant once the giant is awake action will be taken destruction might occur but justice will prevail
           (Blien Mahari)

As the emergency phone call, the cerise switch acts in a similar method at the press of a scarlet button. It claims for the act of assistance of a stern guardian. Without it, chaos, insecurity, tremor, and uncertainty arises.
           (Jose Cortes Jr.)

Networks and digital elements are a growing child. It is full of life and grows as the years go by with the guidance of scientists and parents. Advances are necessary. Keeping with the ever-changing ways of our planet, growth and modifications are expected to be vines of a plan that are almost impossible to take away but are vital for the production of things we enjoy.
           (Kelli Longoria)

It saves people's lives
Can be manipulated to do good, or bad.
Without, they would drown,
Drown in a sea of uncertainty.
Its color attracts.
If someone uses it wrong, they judge through it.
But yet, its use is a choice.

           (Sofia Gomez Fuentes)

I spend my time opening doors.
Connecting people all over the world.
I open for the good and the bad.

           (Noor Saleh)

A simple red button that helps obstacles without people have conflict— I have seen the struggle without—
           (Moises Salinas)

The small creative creature changes colors in every moment it decides to stand still, just like a branch of leaves. It is always changing its hardware and components, but its intended purpose or reason for being does not really change. There is always a chance that something bigger or better will come to its existence. It moves quickly and stealthily and never stays in one place for long.
           (Angelica Perez)

The heart is your lifeline to nature, so always take care of it and nurture it.
           (Shreatha Scott-Gutierrez)

Snap! A camera captures every life it is pointed at. As with a gun, there is no way to escape. There is always someone behind the trigger watching and waiting. Intent unknown, for protection or for fear?

Every day as we fall within the sights.
The flashes leads to the day that will be known as the last night.
Standing in line like Pines growing old to seal our sign.
Whole others dine on fine wine.
           (Zachary Baslangic)


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