Prompt / Poem / Technology—part 3

[A Collective Meta-Modern Poem]
from Students in a Writing Course at Lone Star–CyFair College,
English Composition & Rhetoric 1302-5070

Visit the The Art History for details on the artist:
Jackson Pollock.

—a burn along the outer edge of a blunt thumb.
           (D. G. Smith)

Living in your shadow
From the beginning to the end
I will not thirst

           (Vincente Olvera)

Ignore my roots I'll do what you say
Pull me up so I'll seem more like them
Actually, make me like you
Make me less organic

          (Irene Pena)

Delicate and lonely with beautiful petals.
Opening up to the new season
And showing off fabulous colors.
A women can show off her personality
Through her fierce-like style.
A women, a flower, can put on clothes
That can characterize their personalities.

          (Ashley Wright)

I'm complex with simple minds
I can make you feel empowered and scared
I can make the dumbest man feel smart

          (Iman Okon)

The Chinese buffet with its countless selections. I will be overly stuffed when I leave this place.
          (Maris Prakonekham)

The essence of a vacuum
Humans are wild animals enjoying freedom
Residue's destiny is kaput
Sucked into the filthy screen.

          (Eunice Byun)

A machine that spits out drinks,
A simple touch for satisfaction,
After you insert your money and think.

          (Jo Keith)

Knowledge going through the river of the Internet calm until apposed. Eventually to meet in one point to form a lake. Seeming endless stretching horizon to horizon. Till a passing bird steals it for its own purpose—
          (Dustin Upshaw)

A manhole cover that reads "communication"
Covering a cesspool of moving waste, carrying messages in bottles.
A public whisper, a private yell.

          (Nick Richards)

This new tide comes and goes,
While the leaves continue to grow.
Only to change once again, the wind blows

          (Cesar Hernandez)

A coat, umbrella and rain boots
People like to hide themselves
Behind the four thick walls
Twenty four hours with blue.

          (Anh Tran)

An exit sign that illuminates the color red and redirects someone towards the exit.
          (Samantha Martinez)

A bloom from a strike of a moments light
Could bring sadness at sight or joy very bright
Life in an object with loneliness without
With an identity of a tiny item or a mobile entity

          (Anthonysha Starling)

I'm an apple, fresh off the tree
Piercing my skin can steal your I.D.
I provide taste and nutrition
It can please all your ambition
I'm an apple, fresh off the tree
representing the apple industry.

          (Sawyer Harris)

I am a turtle,
improving and better than the generation before,
evolving around humans.

          (Danielle Martin)


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