{47. haikusentence: village bridge}


Because this did happen, I wanted to place an archival moment in haiku-form. At that moment, in the distance, I watched teenagers climb awkwardly across the main footbridge’s grilling— watched them in their self-absorbed mentality of being immortal and impervious to danger. Already dripping wet from previous leaps of selfconfidence. Skinny forms demanding attention from no one in particular. Just their own private audience, their closeknit society— and then, sudden leaps of faith. Unbound. Like  disinterested egrets. Temporal wings lifting them forward and out, into expected splash of the canal. Pure Icarus, without the tragedy.  


(5)          out to the unknown
(6)          embracing the unknown

(3)(5)     (from the) village bridge
(5)          off the village bridge


(5)          three teenageboys leap

(5)          into the unknown

(7)          off a bridge marked no jumping


(5)          outside the village
(5)          within the village


873.       From the village bridge marked no jumping— three boys leap out to the unknown.  





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