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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Between the Sobs

04/ a brief silence lies between the sobs of a wailing child, his skinny, hard body heaving to understand a parent’s insistence of control


  1. A sore lesson to learn - for both parent and child. I remember it only too well. Beautifully and succinctly expressed Glen.

  2. A rough lesson. And of course, the experience is being transferred to a slightly longer poem— the whole scene spiraled out of the routine for a nightly bath. We argue about being put into the bathtub— then we argue five minutes later about leaving the bathtub. A bundle of contrasting reactions.

  3. Ha! How familiar that is! Even yet my 10 yr old wails at the thought of a shower on the 'wrong' day (she refuses to shower every day - so we compromise and she showers every 2nd day - mucky wee child!) - but she loves the water when she's actually in there!
    This is a strange sexist thing for me to add - but my three boys are far far cleaner than my two girls... the lads love bathing and would shower twice a day! The girls (even the 23 yr old) are just not as particular. (and now I am laughing out loud at revealing that useless information to you!).