Self and reality. Symbol and language. Myth and image. Memory and consciousness.
Dream and unreality: locus communis.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Contours of His Sleeping

Overall I am not one to create resolutions every new year. However. Through hindsight I often discover I hold myself back, unintentionally making frequent excuses, then sidetracking my goals too far out of sight. Now exists the time for change, for stronger organization, for following conscious choices of tasks at hand. Perhaps in part this reaction relates to a mid-life crisis. Or it could be something other.

In the end, labeling the concept does not help its presence. What matters: everyday motion forward.
01/ —the moment unravels as a Mobius coil unbraiding itself. A knot released. Your hand slipping across the contours of his sleeping, that unmapped territory where the horizon line blurs against a gray-blue sky.


  1. You and me both. Ah. Prevarication; avoidance; fear of the making of the imagined hoped for future. If I could stop up the thoughts which manifest mostly as doubts that I can achieve the 'perfection' I dream of (and 'perfection' is not the right word either)... Mid-life crisis? I am sure I've been suffering that angst for too long and my resolution (I too hesitate to call it that!) is to live - to allow myself to live and to say yes before 'yes' is excused out of existence. I'll give you a verbal 'kick' every now and again - if you promise to return the favour! :-D I love 01/ above. 'that unmapped territory'...

  2. Agreed. (Re: staying in touch.) I have been rather slack with communications during the last few months.