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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Fox as an Idea: Character-Sketch

Struggling lately to develop a fox as a character within a modern fable— symbol/allusion of one well-read, yet flawed somehow (insecurities/lack of direction/lack of personal faith) — yet, more presented as metaphor for inspiration, not lack of motion. To give this project wings, it needs a stronger grounding in my head . At least as a means of fleshing out the character itself. Himself. Listing of expectations. Atmosphere. Tone. Quick paced. Crafty.

The fox is an idea. As a scrap of writing, folded over twice and forgotten in a large volume. (and therefore—) The fox chooses you. On his own terms. At night, he will curl at your feet in the woods. The fox sleeps as you sleep. Follows you halfhidden as you walk a disheveled path. Slipping under shadows of trees and behind gnarled roots. Half in bramble, half in light: figure of darkness, as a giver of light. Comet-tailed. Watching you watching him. Fast as a thought. As a guide, not as a prize. Crazy as a fox. Transformative. Shape-shifter. Yes. From this point, develop from here and make allusions to the hidden, to the mystery—over time, the full poem will offer the grounding background story whenever necessary. As a poet: suggest.
13/She wore her mistrust as a formal corset, with ribbing firmly made of whale bone and white muslin. She moved as if underwater, bitterly indifferent.


  1. Would a fish comprehend what water is? It is the essence of it's life, yet he is unaware that it is the material that enables it's existance. The fox is crafty by nature; by this reasoning he would not realize he is crafty or inspirational. It is simply his natural state of being. Perhaps the fox is observing you simply to see the reaction. A gaurdian who is unaware. Reaction causes action. To this extent, he could be the one who is leading you without realizing his mind he is simply observing. The subconscious is always observing, the mind is always aware. You see, but do you observe? Can you "catch" the fox - not as a prize but as a guide. .

    Furthermore what will you do with that guide. The fox chooses those who are open and willing.

    I see this as a fable version of the Analogy of the Cave by Plato.

  2. I like your take on the analogy. Using a secondary theme of perception versus reality would move the project into a higher plane of thought ... with Plato in mind, the focus of the work can operate with a stronger metaphor. (--and still maintain a close link to fables, if I play it carefully.)

  3. Agreed. If you tie it all together, congratulations to you. It doesn't seem like an easy undertaking!