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Dream and unreality: locus communis.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Bones of a Random Moment

After roughly two decades I have returned to writing sonnets— experimenting with the form once more. In the past, using a deconstructionist approach, the resulting poems produced an extreme abstraction of reality. Further, rather than using a persona reflecting on one relationship, the various verses provided a series of memories centered on two or three failed affairs. What was presented ended up a history of disconnections with society and with the self.

Currently, the sonnets scattered in my notebook form a collection of various voices, various experiences represented by a random collection of group memories. In this fashion, the series is not limited to one perspective or one basic storyline, but rather it is open to multiple commentaries on society as a whole. In addition, the themes are centered on casual, pop cultural topics—rather than multi-layered metaphysical definitions of “love.”

At this stage they remain primarily as experiments—testing ground for future developments.I want to play with the form more before sending the work out to editors' eyes.
23/ Stitched with golden thread in the inner lining of his winter coat where the bones of a random moment of time, the tailor daydreaming of Egyptian fabrics dyed with Sapphic purple.

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