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Friday, January 24, 2014

Opening Screenshot Changes

After stalling for a few days, the first week in January I changed my web site opening screenshot, then promptly changed it a little more.

For the curious, here is the image from the site during 2013:

Ironically, over time I have forgotten where the photo was originally taken— presumably from a location in Houston more than likely. The overgrowth of wildflowers provided a nice contrasting vehicle of motion within the solidity of the hydrant. They appear almost as a fireworks explosion —or as a shifting of stars.

After leaving this picture up for over a year, with 2014 upon us all, I took the time to post a newer image:

This location I do recall. It lies in a new development of streets, empty lots waiting for builders to erect houses. The sun flare was accidental. Usually I try to avoid bursts of light within portraits. From what I understand, the formal photography industry has an ongoing debate whether or not if such elements are "artistic choices" or mistakes to avoid. In this case, I liked the after-effects.

Ultimately, however, after a day or two I decided the rigid lines and abstract, angular look was too extreme for a opening image. With a little tweeking in Photoshop, this is the end result:
The digital-brushwork adds a more commercial appeal to some extent— working with the sun flare and barren wintery background.

Hoping this action will push me to change the shot on a routine-monthly basis. Help to keep the content up-to-date as well.

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