notebook entry 02.04.11

A sudden thought— a manner of approach for the Ruth memorial poem is to transform a fairy tale into a stronger dreamscape. Sounds redundant. In other words, heighten the sense of the modern scene, then reinforce the psychological unreality, the illogic.

Robert Haas uses an approach similar to what I envision— similar to his "September Notebook: Stories"— use fractured notes and passages converted to "accidental" poems; use embellished fragments from Grimm Brothers' magical-realism.

Mix in repetition of phrases which warp and falsely echo themselves. In triplicate. In other words, retell the story three different manners— the way memories replay and shift to something other. As W. S. Merwin's prose-poem "Phoebe" ...

The idea is more based off an energy and less off a specific technique. The more I try to place the concept to words, the more it refuses to be penned down on the page.

• No. Not fairy tale. Use a nursery rhyme. One of the more barbaric ones. Uncommon. Surreal.

• Exposing somewhat the patterns of perplexity, complexity and redundancy of life.


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