Recently received an acceptance notice from an up-and-coming, on-line magazine called ffrrfr —yes, that is not a typo, the name is spelled ffrrfr, no vowels— which will publish three of my prose poems in March. On their web site, the magazine describes itself as: “a relatively new literary journal devoted to creative storytelling and intriguing uses of language in the tradition of Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Donald Barthelme, Anais Nin's Under A Glass Bell, etc. ffrrfr is a journal for readers and writers interested in advancing the literary traditions of magical realism, surrealism, ‘experimental’ storytelling” (ffrrfr.com). The three pieces they chose of mine are strongly invested in the realm of magic realism and unreality, a major influence in most of my work as a whole.

The following passage is an excerpt from one of my favorites called “Things That Do Not Disappear.”
In the mornings, when Kythleen walks through the flowering dark-eyed sapphos, voices buzz in her head, a storm of locusts flying between her ears. Through shut eyes, they spark, light tallow candles in her mind. We are the lost dead, they say. We dance our tangos slowly over the hidden streets that even the priests cannot see. And though we are invisible and our hands, our eyes, our feet cannot be seen, we carry the things that do not disappear…
The figure of Kythleen appears in more than once in a variety of my compositions, a frequent presence showing solidarity and self-reliance.

I’ll post more details once the page is live.


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