update: ffrrfr

The premiere issue is up! Take a moment to visit the first issue of ffrrfr. Along with three short prose pieces of my own, in addition appears a flash fiction piece titled "ORE" by author Miranda Mellis.

In a previous post I mentioned the editor's goals and motivation for the journal. His concept follows a recent on-going, on-line, blog-dicussion by Christopher Higgs regarding experimental literature versus traditional prose. His introduction essay in the series brings up issues of "open" versus "closed" texts. Going by the manner he presents his research, ffrrfr falls into the category of "open" text: works of experimental leaning, psychological driven, leaving room for interpretation and higher involvement from the reader.

At one time, I beat myself up for following the less-traditional routes in writing. Lately however, I discovered the need for more abstraction in my own style: avoid the non-figurative and use more illogical extremes. As I posted earlier in the month: close your eyes.


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