92/365 - 95/365 || Malleable Words

A silence invades
my notebooks— heavy winter,
without stain,— smothers
words, all languages erased.
All that remains: vast brightness.

My mind wanders back
and forth, shifting words around,
reshaping notions
of the verse. Malleable words.
I hear chimes in the distance.

I hear chimes. Off key.
A night wind drifts without goals.
The night itself pulls
overhead without purpose—
sudden memories flood close.

Rocking you to sleep:
every few moments, you glance
up, open slow eyes
to verify I still stand,
shifting with you — back and forth.


  1. This is beautiful work David. I particularly enjoyed the image painted in the first stanza.

  2. Was in a bad mood that day, wanting to curve the negativity into something positive. When hit with writer's block, write about the writer's block.

  3. Yes, and it works. How well it works.

    I am struck by the phrase "vast brightness". It does something to that first stanza. Gives it a twist - takes it somewhere else. Somewhere dazzling. Somewhere positive. Makes you believe that there is the real potential of producing something diamond pure.

  4. I was experimenting with a technique I learned from the the haiku by Richard Wright This Other World. He had an amazing talent for twisting each line into an intensified moment: negative to positive, and positive to negative. I find myself referring back to his words more often these days.

  5. I will need to look him up. I am so ignorant - there is so much I do not know! So frustrating sometimes! However it means I can easily fill acres of time. lol.

  6. Just to point out: he is known more for his fiction than his haiku. The haiku poetry he created approaches creative writing with different intentions than his stories. If I remember correctly the book was not published until 2009-- and it shows a different perspective of the artist.


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